Because it's all about having fun !
Hi! Here is a preview of my work, what I’ve done and what I’m working on etc...
UPDATE: I’ve just left my last Job as Creative Manager & CEO at NIVEAU99 Group, so now I’m actively looking for new opportunities and challenges, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, Facebook etc... See you soon, and enjoy!

Oh My Zombies • Experimental Game (Jan.2014)

« Oh My Zombies » is an unpretentious and pretty simple experimental game I’ve created for the fun! Right after I left NIVEAU99 I wanted to create a full game by myself to try few things like HTML5 & Mobile, Pixel styled work and so on... Some fresh air... infested by Zombies...! Well, here is the result, some sort of an action puzzle survivor game (yeah, that’s a great game style !), with zombies running all over the place. A funny experience, available in Html5 and Android version !

• Click here to discover and play "Oh My Zombies!"
• Android version from Google Play Store!"

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C.E.O & Founder • Niveau99 Group • 2008-2013

After the amazing success of my game Blablaland, I decided to create my own company with 2 friends: Niveau99 was born! Through this wonderful adventure, I gained an extremely broad experience: in Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Project Leadership, Management, HR, Production, etc... I was C.E.O, in charge of the well being of the company : a dream job for me, full of innovations, challenges and creations! There I founded Niveau99 Studios, a place for creation and development ; Niveau99 Products where we created Merchandising and Toys based on our brands. And of course the game industry with Blablaland, La-Confiserie, Horia etc. The company became a +1 million euro business, and I am really proud of what I did there.

At the end of 2013, after 5 years, I decided to quit the adventure to tackle new challenges!

• Click here to learn more about Niveau99 Group

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Blablaland • Massive Multiplayer Universe

In 2004, I created the online game while I still was at school, and it immediately got a crazy buzz!! I worked for about 10 years on this game. A MMU & Chat game with more than 400 playable characters, around 300 differents game zones (maps) to play and chat with friends... This is my biggest project up to now : An amazing and crazy adventure !! I built the first version by myself (except the designs), it reached 500,000 players. Then, I created the Niveau99 company with 2 other friends, the next version of the game doubled the score with more than 1 millions players !!

• Click here to discover the online game

WWF France Official Partner • 2010

Working with the WWF was a big dream for me, a dream that I finally achieved in 2010. We designed a cute playable Panda, and if you replied to 10 questions you could win the skin. To date, more than 200,000 people have played the game and won the Panda, which means by the way that all these people came to visit and learn more about WWF actions!

• Click here to find out more about the cute WWF Panda

The Totally Spies! in Blablaland • 2010

For their new movie in 2010, the Totally Spies! were « blablatised », and made playable in the MMO !! It was my first big branding experience, a real challenge because we had to adapt their look to fit Blablaland’s design. A great sucess : TOTALLY SPIES! ©2010 MARATHON • MYSTERY ANIMATION INC.

• Click here for the Press Release & video | • And here to read more

"Public Award" Paris Flash Festival • 2008

Right after the release of the V2 version of the game, Blablaland won the Public Award for the Web Flash Festival Paris in 2008. We were really proud of our community... This date marked the begining of a great adventure !!

• Click here to find out more
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Feb 2012... Welcome to you, my Baby Girl !
Yeah I know, it’s not really a «project» but... she has her place here because I’m so proud :)
Anyway, she inspires me and give me so much, a real boost !!
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La-Confiserie • A Kawaii Dress up game

In 2011, I created and launched a Dress up game at Niveau99: La-Confiserie, an online game for girls in French / English & Japanese. There are thousands of clothes and accessories from gothic lolita style to super heroes, steampunk etc... And a lot of different backgrounds for a real immersion. A simple game, but with purely beautiful, cute and kawaii designs by my talented friend Lolie.

• Click here to discover this yummy game !
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Niveau99 Shop • Merchandising & Toys

After the great buzz of Blablaland, we decided to jump into the Merchandising & Toys business. I was really excited because Toys is a wonderful world that I really enjoy. I worked on each product we launched while I was CEO at N99. We started in 2010 with an incredible 96 page Artbook, then we created Collector Cards, Keys chains, Badges, mousepads, t-shirts etc... The final product I worked on, and probably my favorite one, is the BBL Artbook vol.2 : an amazing 128 page book !! Trust me, you really should have a look at this Artbook !!

I also did lots of R&D, as Toys weren’t our main playground. For example we made Figurines, a wonderful 9 long month project (Although we never went to market)! On the left, this a preview of the most beautiful one designed by the talented artist and friend Florian Delarque.

• Click here to browse all the products on

PaperToyz • A funny project that I initiated back in 2009, the idea was to create some characters from Blablaland in Papertoyz, but it had to be makable without glue. We first created 9 models, and 6 others appeared later. Get them at

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Super Plouf • The unkown Superstar!

I’ve been drawing «Plouf» for so long... he is like an imaginary friend, a great old fellow. I use to draw him everywhere, anywhere. And it’s only in 2010 that I’ve decided to dedicate him a «real» space, and then his own Super Website : a wonderful personal project ! And there was also an incredibly & crazy book of his stories on the rails... but time decided differently. One day Plouf, one day you’ll become a superstar ;)

• Visit "Super-Plouf" Webcomics
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Mobitween • Mobile Games Company

From 2005 to 2007, I was Flash Team Leader at Mobitwen, an extremly innovative Mobile Game company. I was in charge of a portfolio of over 100 mobile games, with at least one new game to develop every week. Development was nearly like R&D at that time, with a mix of Mobiclip Technology and the birth of Adobe Flash Lite. A challenging B2B and B2C adventure, I really enjoyed working there! I also worked a lot with JSFL to add features to Adobe Flash software to improve our production tools.

Unfortunately, the company no longer exists...

Speaker at Adobe MAX in Las Vegas • 2006

As I was working closely with the Adobe Flash Lite Team (Beta, Benchmarks...), they invited me via Mobitween to be a speaker at their big Adobe MAX Event in Las Vegas. My conference was about "developing Flash Lite Games". It was my first very big conference, and I was 23 years old... trust me, I was scared !! But I did well ;)

• Link to the MAX session

Nominee for the International Mobile Gaming Awards • 2006

At Mobitween, I was kind of doing lots of R&D because the Mobile Gaming Market was extremly young and there was lots to do. My game «Street Duel», one of the first Multiplayer mobile game at the time, was nominated at the Internationnal Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) in 2006... Wow ! And also "Best Use Of Flash" ! Wow again !

• Click here to find out more | • And here again

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Adobe Flash Teacher @ Créajeux and Image-Formation

I taught Adobe Flash at Image-Formation & Créajeux between 2005 and 2008. Both are technical schools : Créajeux is specialized in Video Games, the other in Web & Design. Teaching was really a great experience where I learnt how to share my skills, and to help people being confident about their work and their capabilities. Adobe Flash was a great subject as it is split in two very different worlds : Design & Programming, both inside the same software.

• Créajeux - the Video Game School

• Image-Formation - Web & Design school
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