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Last release 1.0.4 the March.07 2014

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« Oh My Zombies » is an unpretentious and pretty stupid experimental game I’ve created for the fun! Right after I left NIVEAU99 I wanted to create a full game by myself to try few things like HTML5 & Mobile, Pixel styled work and so on... Some fresh air... infested by Zombies...! Well, here is the result, some sort of an action puzzle survivor game (yeah, that’s a great game style !), with zombies running all over the place - by the way, I believe my recent viewing of «The Walking Dead» has something to do with this! Anyway, the game is free, unfinished and will probably never be as it is experimental, and don’ t worry about the sound, there isn’t any ! I might add some new levels if I have the time so stay tuned ! I hope you’ll enjoy your game session playing "Oh My Zombies", and if not, then die eaten by zombies :)

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