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Arduino Games

TYPE: Educational and/or Fun Projects • ROLE: R&D, Prototypes
Working and exploring the Arduino boards - either on their own, or hooked up with Unity.
Most of these projects are used in a school to teach STEM to children, which is why they keep their charming 'prototype' look and stay on breadboards, so it is easier to build and to play with.

It is really lot of fun to play and experiment with Arduinos (and Unity together!). And when it comes to make games on a 128x64 pixels screen, I just love it. But mostly, I love seeing the kids amazed and completely hyped by these objects. Both because they think the object is cool, but also because they become curious on 'how it works - and they want to make their own.


'Portable console' on breadboard

Close view :)

Fishing game on Unity with an Arduino Fishing rod controller!

3D printed support to still 'see' the board

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