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TYPE: MMO Tchat Game • DATE: 2004-2014 • ROLE: Creator, Project Manager, Creative Director
I created the online game Blablaland.com in 2004, while I was at a WebDesign school, and it immediately got a crazy buzz! I worked for about 10 years on this project. Blablaland is a massive multiplayer Universe & Chat game with more than 400 playable characters, around 300 differents game zones (maps) to play and to chat with your friends...

This is my biggest project up to now: An amazing and crazy adventure! I created the first version by myself (except the designs). Then, I founded the Niveau99 company with 2 other friends, the next version of the game reached more than 1 millions players in French speaking markets.

In 2010 we founded Niveau99 Shop to create and to sell merchandisings and goodies based on the licence Blablaland :)

My Role on the project

As the creator of the game, and then the CEO of the company, I worked on every bit of the project during 10 years. And Blablaland brought me in every corner: Design, Webdesign, integration, brainstorming, marketing, free to play, game-design, social design, monetisation, digital production, management, CRM, marketing, Merchandisings, Books, Print, Exhibitions and so on... The list is far too long :)

I also discovered a true passion working with/for kids, a 10 years' adventure!

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Some special moments...

The Totally Spies! in Blablaland For their new movie in 2010, the Totally Spies! were « blablatised », and made playable in the online game Blablaland.com !! It was my first huge branding experience, a real challenge because we had to adapt their look to fit Blablaland’s design. A great sucess: TOTALLY SPIES! ©2010 MARATHON • MYSTERY ANIMATION INC.

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Exhibitions 2009-2013 From 2009 to 2013, we tried to meet as much fans as possible during exhibitions. Events like Japan Expo in Paris & Marseilles (250.000 visitors), Japanîmes, Toulouse Game Show... It was a great opportunities to meet our fans and their parents, to reach new players, and to show and sell our Goodies and Products (Books, Keychains etc...)! Amazing and unforgetable moments :)

• Japan Expo 2010 videos • Youtube search
WWF France Official Partner • 2010 Working with the WWF was a big dream for me, a dream that I finally achieved in 2010! The idea was to promote the WWF's actions to our players in a branded interaction to win the Panda as a playable character on Blablaland.com. To date, approx. 250,000 kids have played the game and won the WWF's Panda! A great partnership, for good. We also covered the WWF's Earth Hour events.

• WWF Panda on Blablaland.com
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