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Creajeux • Video Game School

TYPE: French video game school • DATE: 2014-2016 • ROLE: Video Games Production Teacher & Global Communication and Strategy
Creajeux.fr is one of the best Video Game school in France. My job is split in 3 objectives:
• Teacher in Video Game Production: Team Work, Pre-production, Game Design, Ergonomic...
• Redefinition of the global strategy & communication of the school
• Handle the student's video game projects - about 30 video games on Pc, Mobile, Xbox, Occulus Rift... have a look below :)

At Créajeux I've had the amazing opportunity to work with and to meet amazing and great people and major video game personalities such as Frederic Markus (Féérik Games, LucasArt, Disney Interactive...), Frederick Raynal (creator of Alone in Dark, LBA, 2Dark...), Bastien Grivet (Wardenlight Studio), and so on.

My position was very central, and I worked with a broad range of people in arts, design, animation, communication, programming, marketing etc. It was highly exciting and challenging!

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'Festival Internationnal du Jeu à Cannes' with Marcus and part of Créajeux's team

Rond Tables & Milestones, here with F.Raynal, C.Hérald, B.Grivet...

Some of the projects I worked on...

Game • Play with me VR horror demo game made with 3rd year students.

• Find out more
Game • Karne Age Multipayer Diablo-like demo game made with 2nd year students.

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Game • Super Gorkhila A 2 to 4 players crazy versus game on PC made with 2nd year students.

• Find out more
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