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Horia • Mobile Game

TYPE: Mobile Hack'n'Slash Game (Android & iOS) • DATE: 2014 • ROLE: Project Manager / Team Leader
« Horia, The Mystic Battle » is the first Mobile game by Niveau99. I initiated the project in 2013 but - it happens - I left the company just before the game was released on Android and iOS in January 2014. It was very exciting to work again on a mobile game, 7 years after my adventures with Adobe Flash Lite at Mobitween. For this game, N99s team has developed a home-made framework which is quite amazing, and allows the team to keep working on Flash.

Horia is an 2D Hack’n’Slash game that takes place in the universe of Blablaland, where you play a Hero fighting against Dragons. You can upgrade your Hero to be stronger, and you can unlock some specials features and bonus playable on the online game Blablaland.

My Role on the project

I co-created and imagined the game with my team at Niveau99, and I managed the project from the beginning until my departure from the company, at that time the game was nearly finished. I handled the game design, the monetisation, and managed the Design and the Dev teams on the features of the game. I also designed the Website and handled the first steps and plans of the marketing - the link with the Brand Blablaland, the social spaces, its online visibility.

• Horia, the Website

• Get Horia via the Google Play for Android

• Get Horia via the Apple store


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