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Klassefilm • Mobile Games for kids

TYPE: Mobile Games • DATE: 2018 • ROLE: Senior Game Designer for kids'games
Klassefilm has been a crazy and really exciting experience! It was my first job in the video game industry in Denmark, and I worked on 4 different projects in 10 months.
I got hired as Senior Game Designer and the first game we worked on - called "Spis og Fis" - was about finding a way to let kids play with food while learning what it does to your body.
Then I worked a bit on the really nice "hunden Ib", and also on another secret project (with mummies and all that, really great!).
And last but not least, I got the opportunity there to work with "DR Ramasjang" to deliver their first game targeting the very youngs 2-3 years old with a Colouring game (Malebog på Dansk). The game was released in December 2018 and was played more than 250.000 times during christmas, so I guess the kids really enjoyed it and it makes us happy ;)
This was a happy ending for me @klassefilm, as I was to move to another job.

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Some of the projects I worked on...

Game • DR Ramasjang Malebog This is a cute and funny colouring game for the young 2-3 years old children, for the danish well known "Ramasjang" mobile/tablet platform.

• Find out more • Ramasjang on iTunes • Ramasjang on Google PlayStore
Game • Spis Og Fis "Spis og Fis" is a mobile/tablet game for kids around 4-7 years old talking about "what does food do to your body?". The game has been developped to be used in classroom (Denmark) and is unfortunately not available to the public yet. But, fun ahead, approved by many many kids - and educators ;)

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