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Mobitween • Mobile Games Flash Team Leader

TYPE: Mobile Games Company - Flash Lite & Mobiclip • DATE: 2005-2007 • ROLE: Team Leader / R&D Flash Lite and Mobiclip
From 2005 to 2007, I was Flash Team Leader at Mobitwen, an extremely innovative Mobile Game company. I was in charge of a portfolio of about 100 mobile games, with at least one new game to develop and to release every week. Mobile development was nearly like R&D at that time, with a mix of Mobiclip Technology and the birth of Adobe Flash Lite. A challenging B2B and B2C adventure, I really enjoyed working there! I also worked a lot with JSFL (Javascript for Flash) to add features to Adobe Flash software in order to improve our production tools.

Unfortunately, the company no longer exists...

Some special moments...

Nominee for the International Mobile Gaming Awards • 2006 At Mobitween, I was kind of doing lots of R&D because the Mobile Gaming Market was extremely young and there was lot to do. My game «Street Duel», a Multiplayer mobile game -quite innovative at the time- was nominated at the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) in 2006 as "Best Use Of Flash"... Wow !

• Find out more on the IMGA website • And more here
Speaker at Adobe MAX in Las Vegas • 2006 As I was working a lot with Flash Lite Tools (Beta, Benchmarks...), Adobe invited me via Mobitween to be a speaker at their big Adobe MAX Event in Las Vegas to talk about "developing Flash Lite Games". It was my first very big conference, I was 23 years old... trust me I was scared, but I did well ;)

• Link to the MAX Session • Conference Slides (SlideShare)
UgenGame • User Generated Games • 2007 At Mobitween we created one of the first User Generated Game Plateform - UgenGame - based on our Flash Framework. The idea was to customize the games using your own designs (picture, webcam...). The Social Platform is no longer online.

• Learn more (AFJV)
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