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Niveau99 SHOP • Merchandisings & Goodies

TYPE: E-commerce, Merchandising, Goodies • DATE: 2010-2013 • ROLE: Founder & Manager
After the great buzz of Blablaland, we decided to jump into the Merchandising & Toys business. I was really excited because Toys is a wonderful world that I really enjoy. I worked on each product we launched while I was CEO at Niveau99. We started in 2010 with an incredible 96 page Artbook, then we created Collector Cards, Keys chains, Badges, mousepads, t-shirts etc... The final product I worked on, and probably my favorite one, is the BBL Artbook vol.2 : an amazing 128 page book !! Trust me, you really should have a look at this Artbook !!

The idea was to manage the whole production, from the idea & concept, to the production and the sales. It was a great opportunity to deliver an unique experience to our players and customers - gifts included in the box, signed products, sales during exhibitions, collectible & rare items, etc...

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Signing the Artbook for a fan during the Japan Expo

A box full of Blablaland's Badges

Blablaland's Keychains

Blablaland Artbook 1 & 2

Some special moments...

PapertoyZ :) A funny project that I initiated back in 2009, the idea was to create some characters from Blablaland in Papertoyz, but it had to be makable without glue. We first created 9 models, and 6 others appeared later.

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Figurine Prototype I also did lots of R&D, as Toys weren’t our main playground. For example we made Figurines, a wonderful 9 long month project (Although we never went to market)! This a preview of the most beautiful one designed by the talented artist and friend Florian Delarque.
Goodies Cards Free & Collectible Cards that you can win or earn via Niveau99-Shop or during exhibitions. Each of them are collector and rewards you with a rare and collector item playable on the game Blablaland.com!

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