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From 1 to 10 with Piwiko

TYPE: Mobile Game for children • DATE: 2014 (2019 release) • ROLE: Personnal Project (Unity 1st test)

⭐ Play with numbers from 1 to 10, in English, French and Danish!

Feed the frog and the snail with as many food as they ask, and count with them one by one, Yummy! While grabbing the food and feeding the animals, the children gain a better understanding and meaning of the numbers, and it just feels great to take care of these cute animals!

Personnal note: This game was my first solo game on Unity, it's been a long and fun road from Adobe Flash! It's also the first project that involved my daughter, the begining of a great collaboration ;)

• Download via the Google Play Store


Counting is great fun :D

Count in English, French or Danish!

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