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Draw Me a Garden (Creative Mobile Game - Google Play)

TYPE: Mobile Game for Children (3-9) • DATE: 2017 (2019) • ROLE: Personnal Project

Draw, build and take pictures to create and play in a word of your own!

“Draw me a Garden” is a new way of expressing the children’s creativity, exploring their real world talents and imagination and bringing them into the game. Because every element of the game can be customized by taking pictures, you can draw, paint, use toys, playdough or LEGO bricks, mix natural elements and colors to create a unique & playful world of your own.

The screen is no longer the focus, and becomes a door to real world exploration, inspiration and creativity.

⭐ Infinite customisation & storytelling
⭐ Tickle creativity out of the device’s screen
⭐ Perfect for kids, from age 3 to 8 (the youngest might need help to take pictures)
⭐ Fun alone, Fun with friends
⭐ A mobile with a camera and a bright natural light is best, but the game remains exciting even without
⭐ No text to read - intuitive visual design
⭐ No internet connexion required - play everywhere
⭐ No ads - no in-app paiement
⭐ Download and Print the PDF for more creativity (see below)
⭐ Designed & crafted with great care for children

Note to parents: You might think your kids will take weird or blurred pictures, but let them do (expect if they need your help of course) - It is not about perfection, it is about being creative, expressing yourself, and mostly, it is about having great fun :)

• Download via the Google Play Store

And to take the fun even further…..


🎁🎁 BONUS: Download & Print the colouring book: The game comes with a free printable PDF with the shapes of every element from the game - so it's easier for the kid to engage in a creative process, drawing or painting on it and then taking pictures! This is so fun! And of course, it is free.

• Download the template colouring book (Free / PDF)

Video Trailer


Use the colouring book, even more fun!

Take pictures to colour the world ;)

Make the world yours!

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