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PlopBuster • Mobile Game (personal project)

TYPE: Mobile (Android) • DATE: Feb.2016 • ROLE: Creator - Designer - Developer
"PlopBuster" is a friendly and fast-paced game to have great fun, and real interactions! With PlopBuster, you play with up to 4 friends on the same device - a fast-paced game where you have to destroy your coloured bubbles, and avoid to touch your opponent's ones - it's a 30 second challenge with two to four hands on the same phone, lot of fun ahead!
Put the phone on the table, gather up to 4 friends around it and enjoy!

Note : PlopBuster is not a single player game. It was for me a personal challenge with no ambition but only to gather friends around a phone, instead of isolating them. I hope you'll have lot and lot of fun playing it. Enjoy :)

• Get it on Google Play Store, and gather friends around your phone!


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